Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Facts About One Direction 2!!!

1. Zayn's tattoo says 'Be True To Who You Are'

2. Harry once had an hour long conversation with a cat when he was drunk.

3. There are about 30 songs the boys recorded that didn't make the album.

4. Liam has only one kidney (after an operation as a child) so he doesn't drink alcohol.

5. Niall has a pair of lucky white socks.

6. Lous's five sisters--Lottie, Felicite, Georgia, and twins Daisy and Phoebe--are off-limits to the other band members when it comes to dating.

7. Liam has told sources that he owns a pair of pink hair straighteners.

8. Harry has a fear of snakes.

9. Liam and Louis have made Harry cry twice. Once when they gave him a wedgie and ripped his Calvin Klein underwear, and another time when they straightened his hair in his sleep.

10. Niall screamed when Justin Bieber followed him.

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