Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Facts About One Direction

1. The band's first single, "What Makes You Beautiful" was the third fastest selling single of 2011.
2. Harry was formerly in a band called "White Eskimo," who played at a wedding in June of 2010.
3. Liam's favorite sport is boxing.
4. The only book Niall has ever read is "To Kill A Mockingbird."
5. Harry had his first kiss when he was 11.
6. If you save Zayn's twitter pic, it saves as "sick_pic"
7. Louis's favorite movie is Grease.
8. One Direction was in ads for Pokemon Black and White.
9. All the 1D boys are huge Pokemon fans. They all love to play the games.
10. One Direction's UK debut tour sold out within 12 minutes of realease!
And a special one just for you....
11. One Direction is scheduled to have a US summer tour!

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