Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Tell Me

You Tell Me How To Be A Girl In 2012
When there is so much
Do people not realise their actions effect others?
They are so self centered.
The rich
give little tiny bits of money
from the great deal they have.
They say, "It's the least I could do."
When it is literally
the least amount they could possibly have given.
Do they even care 
that there are children dying in Africa?
That there are children being forced to work in factories
around the world?
That there are girls being
into sex slavery
and raped?

The answer is
No one wants change.
People are afraid of it.
"What if I lose my popularity?"
"What if I lose my money?"
"I can't be a loser"

The only losers
are the ones who
turn their backs on
the poor
the helpless
the hopeless
the hungry
the deprived
the tortured
the few
the many.

I don't want this world
to be destroyed by 
the heartless
the soulless.

Help me make a difference.
We can bring change.
We can right these wrongs.
We can fix the damage that has been done
to our world.
We can save those dying children. 
We can help their parents,
bring them water.
bring them prosperity.

We Can Help.

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