Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ohh ewwwieeee! i had to kill a spider at work today! D: I HATE spiders! And i always feel so bad when i squish bugs. Like, how would you feel if a giant foot just squashed you?? :p i wanna sing right now, i'm so happy! My Justin's gonna come see me during spring break. I miss him so much i can hardly stand it. he told me he loves me, but he doesnt talk to me much anymore. he actually hasn't said he loves me since a week ago. So i need to get over him and MOVE ON. I'm not going to waste my life waiting for someone who obviously doesn't feel that way about me. believe me, girls, i have done enough waiting in my lifetime. The right guy will come to you, you just have to be yourselves. And if the guy you like says you're obnoxious, or that you're a little too "fat" for him, HE iSN'T WORTH YOUR TiME. NEVER, EVER CHANGE YOURSELF FOR SOMEONE. The guy you want isn't the one who wants you to change, and makes you change. You want the guy who causes you to change without asking. The one who influences you positively. The one who doesn't smoke weed or drink alcohol when he's underage. He will love you for who you are, not what he wants you to be. 

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